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Perceptive Software Announces Perceptive Content 7 at Inspire 2014
Lexmark’s Perceptive Software today announced the launch of Perceptive Content 7 to more than 1,500 technology professionals at Inspire 2014, the company’s annual user conference, at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

News Facts

  • Lexmark’s Perceptive Software today announced the launch of Perceptive Content 7 to more than 1,500 technology professionals at Inspire 2014, the company’s annual user conference, at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.
  • Perceptive Content 7, the latest version of Perceptive’s enterprise content management technology, introduces all new mobile and web clients, advanced administration, rich media management, Perceptive Records Manager and more—brought together with a focus on customer experience.
  • Perceptive Mobile and Perceptive Web: Perceptive Software’s all-new mobile and web clients offer customers the Perceptive Experience—a rich and consistent way to experience Perceptive Content from anywhere and from any device. The Perceptive Experience empowers users to do everything they can do from their desks--from capturing and submitting content, to completing tasks, initiating workflows and sending approvals, to searching and viewing content—directly from a mobile device.
  • Perceptive Mobile Capture: Adding convenience and flexibility for the user, Perceptive Mobile Capture offers a standardized and secure way to capture images, enter metadata and import it into business workflows within Perceptive Content – all from a mobile device – anywhere and anytime.
  • Department Administration: As content workflows within Perceptive Content span multiple departments across the enterprise, Perceptive Content 7 includes multi-entity security, offering advanced management of content access security at any level, including departments and business groups, to help mitigate risk. As an additional layer of access security, an enhanced license administration feature provides allocation of licenses by business units.
  • Perceptive Records Manager: Perceptive Software’s comprehensive yet user-friendly records management product ties into Perceptive Content 7 to provide users a single view into the organization’s records, integrating records and information management functionality with Perceptive Content’s familiar work processes across sensitive areas like human resources, accounting or contracts management. DoD 5015.2 certified, Perceptive Records Manager meets the highest standard for records management.
  • Rich Media Management: Perceptive Content natively supports the direct capture and management of video and audio files within business processes and content workflows. Leveraging cloud services for secure storage and streaming of content, Perceptive Content 7 eliminates the need to download and store large files on premises and maintains the enforcement of appropriate content security, reducing the need for third party file sharing services and personal devices to capture and share the files.


Supporting Quotes

“Perceptive Content 7, the next iteration of our leading enterprise content management technology, includes 80 new features and more than 1,300 new user stories. With Perceptive Content 7, all types of content—from documents to the largest rich media files and healthcare clinical content—are available to customers when they need it, where they need it, from within their system of record. Content is managed throughout its lifecycle, helping ensure security and compliance. From system administrators, knowledge workers, and all the other users in an organization, Perceptive Content 7 lets customers work the way that is best for their organization,” said Scott Coons, president and CEO, Perceptive Software, and vice president, Lexmark International.

Brian Anderson, Perceptive Chief Technology Officer, said, “The focus of Content 7 is the user experience and the highlights are the features we’ve added for improved mobility and access. The mobile clients with Content 7 provide a rich and consistent user experience with full support for tasks, workflows, approvals, viewing and even capture. Our new Mobile Capture offering allows users to capture images, enter metadata and import them into Perceptive Content, all from their mobile device. Finally, our new web client provides full support for HTML 5, eliminating the need for Java, which means any user can access Perceptive Content from any machine with a modern web browser.”

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Lexmark’s Perceptive Software (NYSE: LXK) builds intelligent capture, content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products that connect the unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people who need it most.