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Center for Diagnostic Imaging Partners with Lexmark to Create National Medical Image Exchange
Physicians at hundreds of U.S. healthcare facilities to gain open and secure access to patient images and content previously blocked by geography or vendor platform limitations

News Facts

  • Lexmark Healthcare and Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) jointly announce the availability of a National Image Exchange that includes hundreds of healthcare delivery sites across the United States. The new service will enable participating healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) to freely and securely exchange medical images and content with one another and with organizations outside the CDI network.
  • Hospitals and physician practices that refer patients to CDI for diagnostic imaging and related services will automatically receive access to the National Image Exchange through the CDI provider portal. The interoperability of healthcare content provided by this new service will allow clinicians to have faster, easier access to images and other information needed to make better-informed decisions that can improve patient care.
  • CDI is one of the country’s largest providers of multi-specialty outpatient imaging and reading services, with nearly 2,000 associates nationally providing more than one million services annually for hospital and physician practices across the country. CDI currently has more than two billion images stored within the Lexmark Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).
  • Historically, it has been difficult or impossible for two unrelated healthcare organizations to electronically share patient medical images unless a virtual private network (VPN) is established for this purpose. Most image-sharing between organizations is done using CDs, which take time to produce and deliver, and can become damaged or lost, adding costs and inconvenience for patients and their physicians.
  • The National Image Exchange will provide an alternative, digital approach to collecting and reading medical images, offering secure Internet access from any location or device. This enhanced capability to electronically share and exchange information will better support patient transfers, reduce the need for duplicate studies and improve the patient experience.
  • The technology infrastructure for the National Image Exchange will be built on the Lexmark Enterprise Medical Imaging portfolio, a bundled set of solutions that includes the Image Exchange coupled with a high-end, zero-footprint, enterprise-class universal viewer leveraging a VNA back-end for content services. Lexmark Healthcare provides an open network approach to exchanging information and supports RESTFul Web services needed by HDOs to create seamless user transitions from application to application. This approach to information sharing provides the needed “on-ramps” for seamless and secure content exchange between HDOs throughout the U.S.
  • Lexmark Open Image Exchange consolidates information across the enterprise and across study types, creating a single source capable of moving information between vendor applications and PACS system proprietary formats. The integrated VNA provides options for supporting unique information-sharing workflows, including the ability to build an exchange utilizing local hospital archives maintained within current provider systems. This allows HDOs to have more control over images and eliminates the need to duplicate image archives in the cloud, making this scenario an option, not a requirement. The enterprise viewer offers the choice for users to share links rather than moving large images. This improves performance and reduces turnaround time for patient care decisions.

Supporting Quotes

“Seconds count whenever a patient is waiting to receive care,” said Linda Bagley, chief information officer, CDI. “Fast, secure exchange of images between facilities is core to our mission of delivering the best care and best experience at CDI. It improves healthcare quality by allowing healthcare providers to be much more responsive with fewer delays. Lexmark Open Image Exchange offers us a comprehensive approach to interoperability with an easier path to implementation. It is a cornerstone of our strategy for supporting a growing customer base with better connectivity of healthcare content.”

“Lexmark solutions are breaking down the barriers to patient data sharing and exchange,” said Reynolds C. Bish, vice president, Lexmark and president, Lexmark Enterprise Software. “The desire for an interoperable, patient-centric healthcare ecosystem requires secure access to the right electronic health information by the right people at the right time, across products and organizations. Lexmark helps customers effectively manage medical images and other unstructured patient content to quickly exchange information, allowing them to enhance care and reduce delays and errors.”

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