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Lexmark Enhances Kofax Product Offerings To Drive Digital Transformation Initiatives
Improvements to Robotic Process Automation, Process Intelligence, Mobile Capture, E-signature and Claims Processing Software Products Speeds Business Improvement
  • Lexmark International, a global technology leader, today announced the availability of five upgraded software products to complement the Kofax TotalAgility® platform and deliver omnichannel customer engagement for rapid digital transformation across multiple use cases. These include Kofax Kapow 10, Kofax Insight 5.4, Kofax Mobile Capture Platform, Kofax SignDoc® 2.0 and Kofax Claims Agility 1.2.
  • Kofax’s unified approach to digital transformation includes capturing information at the point of origination, leveraging information from all relevant sources, facilitating end-to-end digital interactions and providing full visibility into processes through the use of near real-time analytics.
  • Kofax Kapow delivers enterprise-class robotic process automation to automate virtually any labor intensive business activity. Kofax Kapow 10 adds new capabilities that include options for legacy mainframe applications, interaction with leading enterprise applications, and enhanced queuing to improve the orchestration of software robots. These enhancements promote operational efficiency and earlier access to actionable information.
  • Kofax Insight is an analytics and process intelligence software that monitors, reports and helps organizations optimize their business processes to ensure better compliance and gain actionable insights to achieve operational excellence. Kofax Insight 5.4 provides greater visibility into how process execution impacts customer experience, tighter integration with Kofax TotalAgility processes, enhanced usability and designer capabilities, and SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) support.
  • Kofax Mobile Capture Platform enables customers to embed state-of-the-art mobile capture capabilities within their own mobile capture apps, and supports both on device and server-based OCR technology to improve the customer experience. Kofax Mobile Credit & Debit Card Framework provides organizations with pre-built capabilities to easily embed the ability for mobile users to simply snap a picture of their payment card to extract the card number and expiration date. This facilitates easier payments, balance transfers and new account openings.
  • Kofax SignDoc software provides E-signature capabilities to offer a fully digital, streamlined and secure signing experience. Kofax SignDoc 2.0 includes in-person signing capabilities, multi-factor authentication and a new user interface for a better user experience.
  • Kofax Claims Agility is an extensible, smart process application framework built on the Kofax TotalAgility platform. It automates the processing of paper or electronic medical claims to lower costs, improve data accuracy and reduce processing times while improving compliance. Kofax Claims Agility 1.2 includes the capture of Explanation of Benefits and Coordination of Benefit documents, exception handling workflows, an examiner interface and a biller self-service portal to facilitate the resolution of billing issues.
  • These new products are ideal for digital transformation initiatives and can be deployed individually, in combination with one another or within the Kofax TotalAgility platform.

Supporting Quotes

Forrester recently reported, “Firms whose CIOs invest in their tech management leadership maturity will outpace competitors by enabling digital business transformation for their firms.”¹

"Businesses have invested in systems of record, which are critical for managing internal operational processes and transactional data," stated Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, 451 Research. "These systems must be complemented by systems of engagement to provide an interactive, personalized experience. Enterprises need to ensure the systems deployed for customer engagement enhance the process and provide accurate and reliable information sharing with various back-end systems of record. The objective is to leverage a digitally-transformed platform to reduce customer and employee friction points."

“In today’s 24/7 world, consumers want anytime, anywhere access to view information and transact business. This has resulted in a high level of customer expectations and challenges for their product and service providers,” said Reynolds C. Bish, vice president of Lexmark and president of Lexmark Enterprise Software. “Organizations that meet these expectations have the clear competitive advantage. Lexmark is focused on helping our customers achieve that advantage by continuously improving our products and solutions.”

About Lexmark

Lexmark (NYSE: LXK) creates enterprise software, hardware and services that remove the inefficiencies of information silos and disconnected processes, connecting people to the information they need at the moment they need it. Open the possibilities at

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¹ Develop Key Tech Management Capabilities To Accelerate Your Business Technology Strategy, Forrester, July 26, 2016

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