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- Businesses put new AIOs to the test; report on efficiencies

Sep 1, 2009

Small businesses ready to save time and money now have a partner, as Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) today launched eight new all-in-one (AIO) inkjet printers in the market. The innovative, feature-rich 2009 line is already working for busy company executives who explain why they appreciate how Lexmark delivers solutions that:

  • Enable custom-created shortcuts (using Web-connected1 touch screen on three models with RSS capability)
  • Deliver long-lasting quality (robust devices include industry-leading warranties)
  • Demonstrate respect for green (protecting both the wallet and the environment)


Lexmark equipped several small businesses with AIOs and let them deliver the verdict on the features that most enhanced their bottom line:

  • Todd Sallee, CFO and co-owner, C&G Construction (fewer than five employees)
  • Dr. Jennifer Brooks, D.C., owner, Jennifer Pelfrey, office manager, Bluegrass Pain Center (fewer than 10 employees)
  • Andrea Clemons, real estate agent, Jayne Cox & Associates (self-employed)

Each offered a 2009 product line performance review.

Custom-created solutions made simple: SmartSolutions

Lexmark is proud to deliver an innovative new technology that enables businesses to easily streamline the way they work. Through the use of a large, 4.3 inch Web-connected touch screen, businesses can use or create simple, one-touch applications that enable them to save precious time normally wasted on repetitive, multi-step tasks.

Todd Sallee

"Every week after I do payroll, this printer gives me the ability to scan and save my tax documents to my company server and e-mail a PDF of the document over to my accountant so he has a copy," said Todd Sallee, construction company CFO and co-owner. "I do it all using the Web-connected touch screen.

"I love that I can scan a color document and e-mail it to potential clients. The look is truly professional."

"With so many patients to converse with throughout the day, I love the RSS feeds that show up on my Web-connected touch screen," said Jennifer Pelfrey, medical office manager. "I'm getting updates on the weather and news feeds. It allows me to keep patients engaged by talking about what is going on in the world while I multitask and print. I don't lose time by going online to read news headlines on my computer."

The Web-connected touch screen is available on three of the new models: Platinum, Prestige and Interact.


"Another big time-saver for us is the wireless capability," continued Pelfrey. "Dr. Brooks can take her laptop right into a patient’s room and send print jobs like prescriptions, orders for tests or a treatment plan. That document is ready and waiting when they check out; there is no delay."

This Lexmark line features all wireless products as well as a broad line of Wireless-N products (including Platinum, Prestige, Prevail and Interact), offering longer range and more reliable signals for faster file transfer rates2.

Dr. Jennifer Brooks


The entire new line of products feature the patented Vizix print technology that includes separate ink cartridges, fast speed and impressive quality across the entire 2009 AIO line.

"As a business owner, when I’m going to a store to buy an AIO I’m willing to pay more for the Lexmark Platinum because it is worth the investment," affirmed Dr. Jennifer Brooks, D.C., who owns and operates a chiropractic practice.

The 2009 product line is built to last. Backed by industry-leading 3-year3 and 5-year4 warranties, small businesses can rest easy knowing their investment is secure, and coupled with lifetime phone support.

"I would have expected a 90-day or 1-year warranty," said Sallee. "I'm impressed with a 5-year warranty. I’m really impressed. Everything flows nicely with this device. This is saving our company money. I couldn't go back to life without it."


In the new product line a respect for green can come in two forms: Vizix print technology and Eco Mode, lending a hand to both the bottom line and the environment.

With the new Vizix system, users replace only what ink needs replacing. No doubt, businesses want to see black ink - which is used most when printing documents. Across the line businesses can select high-yield black cartridges to extend the life of the ink.

"I love the new Vizix ink technology," said Sallee. "Any business owner will tell you that they print mostly in black and white copies. With the ink system, I can see on my desktop when my black cartridge is getting low and switch that out. But, it doesn't happen nearly as often because I use the high-yield cartridge."

Penny-per-page equals bottom-line savings potential: Since SMBs typically print black and white documents, professionals can purchase the lowest black printing cost in the industry5, with high-yield black cartridge replacements for $4.99, and enjoy long-life ink performance.

Eco Mode equips the SMB to go green at the touch of a button. One touch and businesses can significantly reduce paper usage with automatic two-sided printing.


Dual paper trays increase performance ability.

"The second paper tray is a huge bonus," explains Pelfrey. "I load one tray with regular paper and the second with HCFA forms, for insurance billing purposes. It really speeds up our daily document-printing process."

Andrea Clemons

Business networking meet contact storage simplification – Business Card Scan: Place up to eight business cards on the printer, scan and the copied information is uploaded directly into your address book.

"Agents are always exchanging business cards with each other and potential clients, so we collect a large amount," said Andrea Clemons, real estate agent. "My Lexmark Platinum gives me the ability to scan the cards, and then they magically show up in my computer

address book. It loads both the contact information and the actual card. This saves me mega time and keeps me organized."


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